Corporate Name Aoyama Art, Inc.
Established October 15, 2020
Founder & CEO Ryoma Katsura
Main Bank Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Business Development and management of, a platform of architects in Japan is a platform of architects in Japan

Our services:

  • Full support in English to clients who are building houses in Japan
  • Connecting global clients who wishes to engage an architect in Japan for their projects
  • Connecting clients to necessary partners in related spaces, including architecture, construction or real estate
  • General consultation on house building process in Japan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost?
Q. How much does it cost to receive the service?
A. It is for free. You don’t need to worry about additional cost.
( receives introductory fee from the architect side)
Are we able to decline?
Q. Are we able to decline the architect introduced by
A. Of course. If you didn’t like specific things about the architect or their ideas, you can tell that honest feedback to us and we can recommend you another architect if you wish.

No fee, no risk. Make your important decision after you talk to us for free.
Can you also support projects in countries outside of Japan?
Q. Can you also support projects in countries outside of Japan?
A. Yes, we can. We can connect you with a Japanese architect who can take projects in foreign countries. You can either ask the architect to (A) work only on the design of your building, which is easier to be done remotely, or (B) manage and supervise the entire process, including the construction.
You will have more accuracy to build your house as it was designed in option (B) as the same person who designed your building will also supervise the construction process, but it will also cost a little more fee as you will need to ask the architect(s) to travel to your location.
Only residential houses?
Q. Does only deal with residential houses?
A. We can support you in any kind of architectural or design needs. Not only residential houses but also large buildings, commercial facilities, resort hotels, interior design, renovations... anything an architect can design. Get in touch with us and find out how you can get your support.
Purchase a property?
Q. Can help us purchase a property?
A. Yes. We have partners who have expertise and license in real estate brokerage and we will be able to work together with those partners to support you in purchasing a property.
Q. 紹介されるのは住宅案件だけですか?
Q. Do we have to build with an architect?
A. You don't. If there is a specific builder or a house maker you like, we can support you in those kinds of processes as well. In those cases, we are asking for a separate service charge for project management and communication support, coordinating your project with all stake holders. Contact us for free to know how much the service charge will be in your case.

We do recommend to most of the clients to at least have a casual chat with an architect as you will have access to substantial degree of information. Generally, the flexibility of architects work well in achieving what foreign people want in their house, which is not necessarily the same as what Japanese people want.


Ryoma Katsura
Founder, CEO

After graduating from Keio University, Ryoma worked as an investment banker in Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs, advising clients on their M&A transactions and financings, both in the Tokyo office and the New York headquarters of Goldman Sachs.

He then joined Mercari Inc, Japan's largest startup developing a C-to-C marketplace, as a member of the CEO Office. After leading several projects including the management of group companies, he became the Head of New Business team / Product Owner of Cross Border business and managed the team as a product manager.

Ryoma's brother is an architect and his father works for a trading company in the architectural space. He was always a huge fan of architectures and founded in 2020 to create more opportunities for people around the world to connect to talented architects in Japan.

Shinya Kuno
Co-Founder, CTO

Graduated from the Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University.

After working at Nomura Research Institute, he worked at Donuts, Inc. as an engineering leader of cloud services for enterprises, such as "JOBCAN Attendance Management", "JOBCAN Workflow", and "JOBCAN Expense Reimbursement".

He then joined Michael, Inc. as one if the initial members as a VPoE, where he developed the product "CARTUNE", a social networking service for users who love customizing cars. During his tenure, Michael, Inc. was acquired by Mercari, Inc. for approximately JPY 1.5 billion.

He also served as a Technical Product Manager for new business development at Mercari, Inc.

Mai Fujiki
Architect, Professional Advisor

Designed residences, stores and offices working for an architect office in Japan. advisor since 2021. Graduated from Keio University, Shonan Fujisawa Campus, majoring in Architecture and Urban Development.

Megumi Katayama
Architect, Professional Advisor

Worked for an architect office in Japan for several years and mainly designed residences and stores. advisor since 2021.

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