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  • Great experience - japanese-architects.com's professionals were very helpful, knowledgeable about the market and the communication was wonderful.

    The architects that were introduced were excellent - they had different styles which really helped us choose the ideal architect for us. 

    Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

    Brock Worbets / Noa Worbets | age: 40s

  • It’s been a nice experience since I knew japanese-architects.com. Professional advice and warm help on every part of work we had. Big thanks to Megumi-san.

    The communication and interpretation support was very helpful, especially for the people who cannnot speak fluent Japanese. 

    Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

    David H. | age: 40s

  • Overall, I found the japanese-architects.com platform to be of high quality and japanese-architects.com staff to be polite, engaging and practical. japanese-architects.com has become an indispensable part of my house building process.

    Without their support, it would have been exceedingly difficult to find an architect and to manage the complex process of purchasing the land, designing a new home and managing the construction process. 

    Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

    A. M. | age: 60s

  • japanese-architects.com advisors' communication overall was extremely thorough; responsive, clear points and informative details.

    The team has very rich and useful resources, including general process guides, examples of architectures and easy-to-understand explanations by the advisors. 

    Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

    Matt M. | age: 30s

  • Very satisfied with japanese-architects.com's architect recommendation and the architect was a good fit for us with regards to architectural style, personality and communication.

    We highly recommend japanese-architects.com's service. 

    Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

    T. Van | age: 40s

  • We had an excellent experience with japanese-architects.com. The support we received was honest and personalized. We also greatly appreciated how quickly japanese-architects.com got back to us whenever we had a request or a question.  

    Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

    Matteo Gri | age: 30s

  • The japanese-architects.com website offers valuable information on the design styles of different architects and facilitates the overall selection process.

    The discussion with the japanese-architects.com staff was valuable in communicating my preferences, and japanese-architects.com's recommendation proved to be an excellent fit.
    I am extremely happy with the selected architect. 

    Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

    Akiko M. | from Canada

  • japanese-architects.com staff's support was very good overall. Very convenient service for foreigners like me. 

    Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

    Kevin Eeckman | age: 40s

  • japanese-architects.com's professionals offered polite and sincere support throughout the process. They were friendly, easy to talk to, and very pleasant.

    The staffs have a lot of knowledge and experience, and their English support was very helpful. 

    Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

    N. V. | age: 40s

  • It was extremely reassuring to have a group of professionals from all areas - architect, real estate, local builder and financing advisors - come together and form a strong team to work on our dream home.

    japanese-architects.com staffs gave us objective opinions and feedbacks as our independent advisor which was very beneficial. 

    Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

    Kaori Y. | age: 30s

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Zero Star
4.88 - out of 5.00

- Service Flow -

Service flow summary

1. Free Consultation

Architectural advisor will ask about your plans and wishes in-person or online.

The consultation is free of charge. Please contact us to get your project started.

Why is the service free of charge?
Our business is run based on the marketing fee we receive from the architect offices. Most of the architect offices in Japan don't have an in-house marketing function and japanese-architects.com is a platform for the registered architects.

Step 1

You can start with casual questions

Many clients visit us with questions like "I want to learn the general process" or "How much do you think our house will cost?".

Please feel free to contact us and book a meeting with a local professional.

2. Architect Meeting

We will make a tailored recommendation of the most suitable architect(s) based on what you tell us in the consultation.

If you didn't like the architect you were recommended or you talked to, you can come back to us as many times as you like and we can recommend you a new candidate. We will make a thorough consideration every time for your important house plan.

Step 2

3. Land Search and more

If you don't have land yet, we can provide full support with our partnered real estate agents. Not only do we get you information on land for sale but also investigate the pros and cons of the land together with you and the architect candidate.

We can also support you with your mortgage loan process as necessary.

Step 3

4. Decide Architect

If you are comfortable with the architect, who may also be advising you on the land search process, you can officially hire them as your architect.

japanese-architects.com will support you with the contract communication as well.

ステップ 3 建築家 決定

5. Start Designing

You can tell all your wants and wishes to the architect and they will make it happen. You will also discuss about your budget and priorities to make the design a realistic plan.

You can ask us for an English-speaking architect or japanese-architects.com can continue to support your communication with a small fee.

ステップ 5 家づくりスタート

We will provide thorough and comprehensive support for your important house plans.

- We will coordinate everything for you -

You're not sure how to get started with your house building? Contact us for free and start planning your ideal home.

We, japanese-architects.com, are a group of English-speaking professionals in Japan who can provide you complete support throughout the process.

japanese-architects.com offers you comprehensive service

It was extremely reassuring to have a group of professionals from all areas - architect, real estate, local builder and financing advisors - come together and form a strong team to work on our dream home. 

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

K. Y. | age: 30s

We will be your partner with the comprehensive support for everything you need to build a house in Japan. Get in touch with us for free and talk to a professional to get started.

No fee, no risk. Just your name and email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you an architect?
Q. Are you an architect yourself or are you an agent/consultant who can connect us to the right architect?
A. We are a platform of third-party consultants, not an architect by ourselves. We will listen to all your wishes and connect you to the right partners, including architects, banks, and real estate agents, based on your situation. We do not design buildings directly in our company.
How much does it cost?
Q. How much does it cost to receive the service?
A. It is for free. You don’t need to worry about additional cost.
(japanese-architects.com receives introductory fee from the architect side)
Are we able to decline?
Q. Are we able to decline the architect introduced by japanese-architects.com?
A. Of course. If you didn’t like specific things about the architect or their ideas, you can tell that honest feedback to us and we can recommend you another architect if you wish.

No fee, no risk. Make your important decision after you talk to us for free.
Can you also support projects in countries outside of Japan?
Q. Can you also support projects in countries outside of Japan?
A. Yes, we can. We can connect you with a Japanese architect who can take projects in foreign countries. You can either ask the architect to (A) work only on the design of your building, which is easier to be done remotely, or (B) manage and supervise the entire process, including the construction.

You will have more accuracy to build your house as it was designed in option (B) as the same person who designed your building will also supervise the construction process, but it will also cost a little more fee as you will need to ask the architect(s) to travel to your location.
Only residential houses?
Q. Does japanese-architects.com only deal with residential houses?
A. We can support you in any kind of architectural or design needs. Not only residential houses but also large buildings, commercial facilities, resort hotels, interior design, renovations... anything an architect can design. Get in touch with us and find out how you can get your support.
Purchase a property?
Q. Can japanese-architects.com help us purchase a property?
A. Yes. We have partners who have expertise and license in real estate brokerage and we will be able to work together with those partners to support you in purchasing a property.
Q. Need to build with an architect?
Q. Do we have to build with an architect?
A. You don't. If there is a specific builder or a house maker you like, we can support you in those kinds of processes as well. In those cases, we are asking for a separate service charge for project management and communication support, coordinating your project with all stake holders. Contact us for free to know how much the service charge will be in your case.

We do recommend to most of the clients to at least have a casual chat with an architect as you will have access to substantial degree of information. Generally, the flexibility of architects work well in achieving what foreign people want in their house, which is not necessarily the same as what Japanese people want.

for Business Clients

Not only residences, we support a wide range of building types:

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category thumbnail image : restaurant


category thumbnail image : shop


category thumbnail image : hotel


category thumbnail image : housing complex

Share House

category thumbnail image : school


category thumbnail image : hospital


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category thumbnail image : museum and public facility

Public Facilities

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Ceremonial Halls

... and more. Looking for the best architect for your project? Get in touch with us for free and have a professional suggest the most suitable architect based on what you need.

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